Founded on 29 January 2005 by the will of Simonetta Puccini, the Maestro’s only grandchild, the Simonetta Puccini Foundation for Giacomo Puccini aims to keep alive and honor the memory of Giacomo Puccini through the conservation and dissemination of the Maestro’s cultural and artistic heritage.

In the museum, which has remained unchanged since its inception, it is possible to find the ambience in which Giacomo Puccini lived. Walking through the rooms, you can savor the atmosphere of this unique location where the Maestro, in the silence of nature, found inspiration for his immortal melodies.

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The Simonetta Puccini Auditorium is a multifunctional room inaugurated on 3 August 2021 in the building adjacent to the Villa Museum, which also houses the offices of the Foundation and the Puccini Archive.
Named after the composer’s granddaughter, Simonetta Puccini, the auditorium can host concerts, conferences, events and small exhibitions.

In addition to the furnishings and exhibition materials, which are shown in the rooms of the Villa, the Museum has an historical archive that includes extensive documentation, consisting of letters sent and received by Puccini, photos, correspondence and administrative documents, and sheet music, handwritten and printed.