1. the restructuring of the Puccini houses (Torre del Lago e Lucca) and their contents
  2. the purchase of the Viareggio villa, which at the present risks being auctioned, ad its restructuring in the aim of opening the houses to Puccini enthusiasts and music lovers and putting them at the disposal of the public in the most suitable manner worthy of the Maestro, thus avoiding the loss of real estate and personal heritage left by the artist
  3. the setting up, within of each of the properties, of cultural situations similar to those experienced by the composer:

Torre del Lago will remain the house of work and recreation as it was used by the Maestro.
The present-day museum will become the venue for cultural meetings and open-air concerts during the summer. The most important publications  on Puccini and his works will be available to the public.

The Viareggio villa will be dedicated to Giacomo Puccini' music; a didactic museum will be created to illustre the life and works of the Maestro using various methods of audio-visual presentation including multimedial systems. A vast Puccini library will be creates, as well as a collection of recordings of Giacomo Puccini's music and a projection room.

The house in Lucca , following necessary restoration work, will be set up as a Puccini family museum, and will contain the family library. The public will thus have the chance to become acquainted with the house and life of a very old family of Italian musicians.

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