The Visit

Visiting times
a.m. 10:00/12:40 - p.m. 2:30/5:50 (last entrance possible 5:10)        1st February - 31st March       
a.m. 10:00/12:40 - p.m. 3:00/6:20 (last entrance possible 5:40) 1st April - 31st October  
a.m. 10:00/12:40 - p.m. 2:30/5:10 (last entrance possible 4:30) 1st November - 31st January  


The ticket office  closes 40 minutes before the Museum closes 

Visit's length: 40 minutes max

on Mondays morning   -  25th of December -  8th 
- 29th November

       Just in the days of the Puccini's festival performances the pm timetable  is  4:00 - 8:40   pm   (last entrance possible 8:00)


   7,00       over 14 years of age

   6,00      per person for groups of at least 15      

                  special rates for groups of disabled people with the request of the tour leader

  3,00       children 6 - 13 years                 

 Free        children up to 6 years
                 members of the Association of Friends of  Giacomo Puccini's homes                        


Booking for groups is obligatory   (0039 0 584 341445 or


  On request, individual visits in Italian, French, English and German. 

  20 audioguides in english/italian are available.    Book-shop.



The house, which is today a museum, is visited by pilgrims from all over the world. The tourist or Puccini enthusiast can visit the well-preserved rooms which testify to the dignified life-style of a genius who preferred a quiet life to one of luxury



int_bnero_gr.jpg (73799 byte)  the fireplace with
 Galileo Chini's ornaments
They contain a great variety of mementos and relics, from the most significative portraits, to photographs dedicated to Puccini by colleagues, singers and  artists who collaborated with him, original autographed scores, curios and documents of inestimable value in their contribution to our knowledge of the life and work of the artist.

the Maestro

ritratto_oro.jpg (73133 byte)


A delightful garden welcomes the visitor: in the limited  dimensions of the green space surrounding the villa, various different botanical types exist side by side:  suggestions of pergolas, an orchard, labyrinths, bamboo thickets with a wonderful choice of varieties, all perfectly tuned to the slightly decadent  intimate and gentile taste of the late nineteenth century.


villa_tdl.jpg (81270 byte) the villa's entrance
with the veranda

The interior decorations and furnishing are extremely interesting, and include valuable pieces by Bugatti and Tiffany for instance, or examples of exoticism such as the Japanese screen, all of which constitute an exemplary testimony to the tastes of an epoch and recreate with touching immediacy the daily life of the Maestro.


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