The Association is directed towards:

-those who love Giacomo Puccini's music, his opera, as well as his figure as a man and great personality in the cultural panorama of his times.

-all those individuals, bodies or companies that consider culture and music an essential part of life, indeed the Muse inspiring human qualities.


Association fees:

Ordinary members                   52 euro                 $70 U.S.          

Students                                   25 euro                 $35 U.S.                    

Special members               


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Conto Corrente Postale:  11767555


Why contribute:

Music has always represented for man a cultural discipline of great value and community involvement. The more popular musical forms frequently have enormous appeal for tha younger generations who are open-minded and in search of novelty, music permits them to express their ways of beings, of feelings and living the society that surrounds them.

Opera, at a time considered the province of the elite, is today reliving a new era, being discovered by the common people, by the young, by the vast public.

Together with this phenomenon, the personalities who conceived and created our most immortal operas are becoming ever more present and important in our daily lives.

Among these, the figure of  Giacomo Puccini is certainly the one that stands out most strikingly both in Italy and abroad. This is in part due to his modernity: Puccini loved hunting, cars, photography, motorboats...
Even though he was born and lived two thrids of his life in the nineteenth century, he today appears to s as a man of our own times, close to our own sensibilities. His works are performed throughout the world every years in the greatest theatres; he is the composer whose music is most frequently performed. The most important conductors from Toscanini to Karajan, and today also Riccardo Muti, as well as many of the greatest opera singers:  Callas, Tebaldi, Olivero, Scotto, Domingo, Pavarotti - have dedicated themselves to his works.

At the time of notable cultural emptiness and lack of values, the rediscovery and the encouragement of music and those individuals who have created great music becomes an undertaking of important moral and humanitarian value.

Why sponsor:

The Association is a cultural enterprise of great value, the sponsorship of which infers attention to sensitivity and spirituality, to the improvement of the world and to the importance of the quality of human life on the part of the sponsor.

Its sponsor-ship is an investiment in one's own image.

The Association is a project that will be widely presented in the media.


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