Torre del Lago (LU) – 1st September 2012. On the 1st September 2012 the Museum Villa Puccini was inaugurated, after the restoration of its façade and roof had been completed. For a long time had Simonetta Puccini, granddaughter of the Maestro and President of the Association of the Homes of Giacomo Puccini, the desire to take the villa back to its ancient splendour. This has been possible thanks to two sponsors, which have contributed to the restoration with generosity and competence. The Caparol company, through dr. Klaus Murjahn, managing partner of the Caparol group in Germany, and through dr. Giorgio Longhi, legal representative of the Italian Caparol, has realised the restoration of the façade, taking it back to the original colour of 1900; on the other side, a part of the contribution given by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, through its Chairman dr. Arturo Lattanzi,

has been allocated to the restoration of the roof and of the garden paths, realized by the building company “Fabio Francesconi”. The works have been supported by the artistic and historical advice of the Architect Glauco Borella, belonging to the division of the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape for historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage in the Provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara. The operations were coordinated by the artistic director Eng. Andrea Biagiotti, project manager together with the Architect Alessandro Biagiotti. On the 1st September, at 11:00 am, the Villa Museum was presented to the public with a concert performed by the Philharmonic Society Gaetano Luporini of San Gennaro, conducted by Giampaolo Lazzeri, who performed some compositions of the Maestro Puccini, with the participation of the soprano Elisa Maltinti and the tenor Simone Maresca. After the concert and the blessing of the Mausoleum by the Archbishop Italo Castellani, those attending have paid tribute to the Maestro by visiting the newly restored Villa Mausoleum. The Management of the Villa Museum would like to thank those who have worked in order to make possible this difficult operation, but also those who have given moral support, in particular visitors who have proven sensitivity and love towards the art of Giacomo Puccini and places dear to him while restoration was being made.

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