BMLUnpublished information on the composer, thanks to the relics of the Foundation is the owner of BML for the first time shows the letters of Giacomo Puccini Luigi De Servi Opens Friday ( March 14) at the BML exhibition devoted to the painter friend of Puccini

Letters of Giacomo Puccini Lucca painter Luigi De Servi for the first time in the show. It’s called “Letters of Giacomo Puccini Luigi De Servi ,” an exhibition curated by Simonetta Puccini, who opens Friday afternoon (March 14 ) at 17:30 in the lounge on the ground floor of the Bank of Monte di Lucca ( Piazza San Martino, 4) , that organizes together with the Foundation BML .

By virtue of the friendship between the painter Giacomo Puccini and Lucca are many items that relate to the life of the Master that are passed to the heirs De Servi , that last summer they wanted to transfer them to the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca to bring them to not dispersion and enhancement . Materials that testify to the friendship and familiarity between the two and offering unprecedented views and news on the composer’s life .

Luigi De Servi, Lucca , the son of a painter, he was a friend of Giacomo Puccini for most of his life . There are two portraits of him on the Puccini family , one of Michele Puccini , younger brother of James, and that of 1903 to the Master, who is now in the Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi . The years at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are those of closer cooperation between the two , as evidenced by the letters today shows that mainly concern the decoration of the house at Torre del Lago

Among the latest examples of this artistic , musical, decorative but also sincere friendship the two artists , there is an essay by Valentina De Servi , daughter of the painter, who describes her family’s three meetings with the Master in Viareggio . It is part of the collection as well as various photographs, also a plaster medallion representing the profile of the Master, who is also represented in a large painting of De Servi executed in 1934 , the tenth anniversary of the death of Puccini. At the vernissage of the exhibition will present the president of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Claudio Guerrieri, the president of the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca Del Carlo Alberto , the mayor of Lucca Alessandro Tambellini and the grandson of the Master Simonetta Puccini.
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