•    President : Dr.ssa Simonetta Puccini

•    Vice-President : Avv. Augusto Falaguerra

•    Councillor: Avv. Giorgio Ferrari

•    Councillor : Dr.ssa Carmela Autiero

•   Councillor : Dr. Michele Bianchi

•    Simonetta Puccini;                          •    Augusto Falaguerra;

•    Antonelli Giacomo;                          •    Amanducci Bruno;

•    Antonini Mario Alberto;                  •    Autiero Carmela;

•    Ferrari Giorgio;                                 •    Baldini Marcella;

•    Ceppi Camillo;                                   •    Elphinstone  Michael ;

•    Gaddo Gaddi Pepoli;                        •    Stefano Mansi;

•    Pierluigi Lippi Francesconi.

The Association “Friends of the Homes of Giacomo Puccini” was created in 1996 by Simonetta Puccini, descendant of the Maestro, as a non-profit organisation with the aim of taking care of the Villa Museum in Torre del Lago, where Puccini lived for thirty years. This building has a great artistic and architectural value, and, despite requiring restoration and safeguarding interventions, it still maintains unaltered the features and interiors, which date back to the period when the Maestro used to reside here. The aims of the Association are:

- Restoration and conservation of the house in Torre del Lago and of what it contains.

- Opening of rooms that are not accessible at the present.

- Safeguard and development of Puccini’s artistic and musical heritage.

- Promotion of cultural activities as concerts and releases.

The Association addresses those persons who are keen on music and on Giacomo Puccini’s operas, and all individuals, organisations or companies, which consider culture and music as essential muses for humans: music has always been a cultural discipline of great importance for humankind. In particular, opera, which in the past has been reserved for the elite, is now experiencing a new era after being discovered by young people and by the general public. At the same time, the personalities who have conceived and created works of art of great value, have become more and more present in everyday life. Among these, Giacomo Puccini stands out both in Italy and abroad. This is partly due to its modernity: even though he was born in the mid-nineteenth century, nowadays he seems to us similar to a man of our time in many ways. In a period of cultural vacuum and lack of values, the rediscovery and encouragement  of music and of those who have created great music, is a challenge of great moral and cultural importance.

For two years, together with the “Simonetta Puccini” Foundation, the Association has also been engaged in a campaign for the protection of the places lived and loved by Puccini, which have been neglected and severely degraded by human intervention. Since 2011, Simonetta Puccini has established the Giacomo Puccini Award for Nature and Environment. In this context, the sponsorship is a fundamental cultural action, which addresses the sensibility and spirituality of individuals, the enhancement of humanity and of life quality. Torre del Lago will remain the home of Puccini’s work and leisure, as it was used by the Maestro. The current museum will be enriched by cultural meetings and small outdoor concerts during the Summer. The most relevant publications about Puccini and his works will be available for visitors.

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